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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  July 19, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 6:00. right off the top at 6:00 a birthday party comes to a horrible end. a young man is dead after a shooting in lowden county. two men are under arrest and facing second-degree murder charges. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. police believe the two men shot and killed a teenager at a house party last night. tap a an he can -- tappahanek place in virginia. tash, let's get it right. the victim 1985 as years old? >> we tracked down the young host of the party. he was not the victim but did ask us not to show his face. he witnessed the crime and said the victim and two suspects were not invited to
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the party. he says he used his parents' house to host a birthday party for some old high school buddies. >> everyone was having so much fun. >> reporter: 30 friends between 20 and 25 years old showed up but there were three guys he didn't know who also arrived. the 1985 as-year-old victim. >> i don't even know the kid, or his first name. >> reporter: and the two suspects, 20-year-old guillermo and rashid nurse. the uninvited guests brought unwanted baggage to the pay. >> there was a dispute between the victim and suspect which led to the shooting. >> reporter: the host said he set strict rules and it was a fairly restrabd strained affair until he decided to end the party. between 1:30 and 2:00 he turned the music off and kicked everybody out of the house. people started to spill out onto the lawn. then ran back inside to tell him somebody had been shot in
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his backyard. >> there was a shot and people are like don't joke like that and it was true. >> reporter: investigators say nurse shot the 1-year-old not neck. the host says he tried to stop the bleed big using his t-shirt. >> i said tell the police to come. try to help stop the bleeding. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says the victim was transported by hospital to a local hospital leavin behind a young man wracked with guilt and confusion over how a birthday party could end so violently. >> i don't understand. i don't understand. i really don't. . >> reporter: even though the two suspects have been arrested detectives say it's still an ongoing investigation. they're asking anyone who attended the party or who witnessed the shooting to call the lowden county sheriff's department. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. we are staying in lowden coun tonight for another crime investigation. the body after man discovered inside a horse
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training facility. it's called the middleburg training center. the man was located inside the staff quarters about 9:00 last night. investigators say there were no obvious signs of trauma but aren't sure shou he died. they're waiting for an autopsy report. to maryland where the loan survivor of a fatal fire in riverdale continues to fight for his life this evening. friday, firefighters pulled a 7-year-old boy and his 5-year-old brother from this burning apartment on 56 place. firefighters found them in the back bedroom, sadly the 5-year-old died. tonight the 7-year-old is in critical condition. investigators say the blaze was sparked by food left unattended on the stove. the debate over health care reform continues and in most cases the divide is down party lines. the house committee and democrats unveiled their plan to cover nearly all americans. beth are getting worried by the price tag. sarah simmons reports. >> reporter: the president's plan to reform healthcare by
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early fall is facing an you will hill battle. >> i think we know now that more has to be done. >> reporter: house democrats presented their version for reform and a key senate committee pass add bill of its own but the man who crunches the numbers for congress told lawmakers the current bills would raise healthcare costs. appearing on fox news sunday the president's budget director says a crucial piece is missing to lower the expense. a commission of doctors who would make decisions about coverage. >> right now politicians and insurance companies are making decisions. we're saying we want doctors to be making decisions and i think that will lead to a higher quality, lower cost system, over time. >> reporter: paying for reform will be costly. it called for a surtax on the wealthy. proponents look to insurers, drug and insurance companies and individuals to foot the bill. >> if you tax the rich you're going to push small business into 45.7% top tax rate which is
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like 10% more than corporations pay. and it's going to kill a lot of jobs, a lot of opportunities. >> reporter: the secretary of health and human services calls the healthcare overhaul a work in progress. >> i think you got to start from groundero which is the status quo is absolutely unsustainable. we have costs ratcheting up at this alarming rate. >> reporter: time is ticking away for lawmakers. the president insists he wants a healthcare plan on his desk before congress leaves for its august recess. sarah simns, fox 5 news. america is remembering a tv news icon. funeral and memorial service arrangements have been made for walter cronkite. a private funeral will be scheduled at saint bartholomew's church in man man. a larger memorial service is expected to be held in a few weeks at the lincoln center in new york city. cronkite died friday at his man man hoe. he was 92 years old. the space program one of
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the biggest stories walter cronkite covered in his career, the crew of the space shuttle endeavour paid tribute to the tv titan. they completed first of the five space walks outside the space station. two of them put in the last piece of the jab knees lab. another space walk i planned for tomorrow. tomorrow also marks the 40th anniversary since man first stepped foot on the moon. today three apollo astronauts were at the air and space museum psychiatric copies of their books. michael colls buzz aldrin and allen dean greeted space enthusiasts and shares stories of traveling through the galaxy. offensive line we could do that, right, maureen? president obama will host the astronauts at the 40th anniversary celebration at the white house tomorrow. we certainly lucked out with the peth this weekend. plenty of sunshine and nice and dry. hopefully things will stay the same as we head into the work week. let's find out if it. gwen tolbart is live in the weather center with what we
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can expect. >> reporter: we've got increasing clouds tonight and things will be a little unsettled as we head into the work week. today was absolutely fabulous. look at the daytime highs we reached. 83 at national, 83 at dulles and 81 at baltimore. we broke a record forhe overnight low, 57 degrees. it's 82 in thic d trist,1tr 8 at dues 81 at baltimore, and 82 to the south at fredericksburg. still pretty warm outside so not bad at all. tonight, partly cloudy skies and increasing clouds. overnight low will be about 64 degrees. temperatures continue to be below seasonable but we've got a couple of factors coming into the weather game that are going to make things a little dicey as we head into the work week. i'll have all the details when i come upstairs a little bit later. you can depend on fox 5 for an accurate forecast any time online. go to and look for our max h d radar on the right side of the page. you can also get your five-day forecast there too. at 6:07 we are just geing
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started tonight. a missing u.s. soldier turns up on a taliban video, afraid he's never going to see home again. theatest on ab american being held captive in afghanistan and what he says on the video. imagine sitting on your porch when a plane comes in for a landing. when and why this plane ended up in someone's yard. these really are criminals decorations hitting store shelves already. no joke. why retailers rolling out holiday shopping months early. fox 5 news at 6:00 is back in 90 seconds. early merry criminals. blap -- criminals    christmas 
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hristmas. blap -- christmas christmas 
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at least 16 civilian contractors are dead after helicopter crashed in southern afghanistan. the conditions of five others aren't known yet. officials say there is no indication militants fire brought down the russian owned aircraft. no military personnel were wounded or killed. civilian contractors and supplies are routinely ferried to small military out posts across afghanistan by helicopter. the u.s. military says video posted online of the captured soldier is in fact private first class bowe berg dahl. he was seen near a u.s. base in afghanistan july 1st. he says he misses his family and is scared he won't be able to come home. a military spokesperson says the taliban is using the
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american captive as prop began a. afghan and coalition forces are working together to find this missing soldier. the victimses of the deadly bombing in indonesia are being remembered. people gathered outside the ritz carlton hotel in jakarta to make a makeshift memorial for the victims. nine people were killed after explosions ripped through the ritz and marriott friday. investigators have not named suspects but say the blast has all the signs of a terrorist attack. back here in the u.s. the owners of ab illinois system tri at the center of a grave dig didding scandal are telling -- digging stan scandal are telling their side of the stories. four workers are accused of digging up bodies, dumbing their remains and selling the plots. their lawyer says things are not has bad as they seem. >> it was not a situation where
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bones simply littered the cemetery. we have people in and out of the cemetery every day. no we didn't have complaints of people not being able to find their loved ones' graves. >> reporter: experts admit it may not be possible to identify all of the bodies and remains found at the cemetery. investigators are start to go zero in on what caused a light rail collision in san francisco. authorities are investigating mechanical and human error as possible causes of of the crash. one train rear ended another stopped train near a boarding platform yesterday afternoon. both were full of riders. 48 people were hurt four are what may be severe injuries. here's something you don't see every day. a small plane came in for a crash landing in someone's backyard. it happened in laporte, texas yesterday. the plane failed to gain altitude. the pilot suffered a broken leg leg but no one on the ground was hurt in the incident. it's 82 degrees. the calendar says summer. feels like summer.
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what's up with christmas decorations? ready or not it's christmas in july. why some local stores are delivering deals months early. let's not jump the gun too soon. we're a long way from winter weather and christmas. we'll be back with our work week forecast in 90 seconds.
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some brides to be in virginia getting their dream dress for less. the special sale continues at the westin arlington gateway. it goes to the foundation that grants wishes to stage four cancer victims and their families. so it is hot outside. no denying that. the calendar says july. and christmas according to my calendar is five months away. my birthday too. >> some retailers are getting a jump on things. they are rolling out the holiday merch months early. manny tells us who we have to thank for christmas in july. >> reporter: beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪. >> the collar says july but some retailers are already winding up for the winter holidays.
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>> people get very excited though. you'd be surprised. >> reporter: hallmark stores have unveiled their collectible ornaments. >> we have customers lined up at 8:00 in the morning every year in july so they can come and get their first pick of the ornaments. >> sears and xhart have opened up christmas lane. >> it's christmases from way back when and it's a little nostalgia. >> toys-r-us will be deck the aisles the week of july 1985 as to a 25 -- -- 19 to 25. ellen davis of the national retail federation says not all stores will follow suit but some will. >> for the next few weeks ex text r expect to see more merchandise in the stores and catalogues arriving in the mail. >> reporter: it has something to do with the economy as retailers work over time to entice customers into stores. while some customers may feel it's a bit too soon for
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them retailers say they're hoping that the displays and promotions will help customers plan ahead for the things they really want for the holidays. >> when we're in a recession many people are looking at ways to spread their spending out over a period of time and not rely on credit. >> reporter: because of that sears and xhart brought layaway back last year. >> you have 90 days, so 90 days will be close to christmas believe it or not. >> reporter: these stores hope getting ahead of the game will help boost sales. >> especially with the economy and everything being the way it is it brightens people's day and gives them something to look forward to in july when the retail business isn't that booming. >> reporter: it can't hurt to boost some serious spirits. >> melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> i like the christmas season
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but i don't want to think about it yet. >> it's december 19th. >> i should know this. >> i'll have to check my blackberry. it felt like summer today. let's face it. >> it certainly did. a a little cooler than we should be but the sun was out there. it was a great day. habit on the breezy side but not all bad. look at this beautiful shot. you can see the capitol but not bad at all. a very nice day and i hope everybody got a chance to enjoy the whole weekend because it was nice. let's look at our weather maps and get started with our headlines. temperatures remain below seasonable al. we should be in the upper 80s so we have a break and break in the humidity. it will drug treatment program back in late -- creep back in later in the week. we may see a shower or isolated shower thunderstorm. th in the week ahead, very unsettled weather pattern. today it, 83 at national and
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dulles, 81 at baltimore. it broke a record for overnight low at 57 degrees. the record ing 59. so about 3 degrees cooler there. right now it's fairly warm outside if you're heading out, 82 in the district, 82 at fredericksburg, 84 at frederick and if you look at the mid-atlantic to the south, 80 degrees in new york. you can see where there is cooler air right here to the west of us and we're going to actually see some of that start to go just move in a little bit but we're actually going to get a little warmer humidity pushing in because we'll get an easterly flow. it will help no push our dew points up. look at texas, 100 degrees down at del rio and over to the west we've got triple digit highs, 113 degrees, i don't want to know about that yet. for tonight it, fairly pleasant, cool in the bushes. -- burbs. winds will remain light as they are right now aoss the
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board. some strong storms across areas of the south. a strong frontal system will be one of our weather makers we'll have to keep an eye on in the long-range forecast. we've had a ridge of high pressure so fairly clear skies today. increasing clouds in the overnight hours and what we're going to see is a stationary front to the south that's draped all across into the florida air whe we saw the storms to georgia and the south. the low pressure system will move its way up along this front. we've got a disturbance that's going to develop over the upper great lakes and a trough is going to stick around. between all of that, a little bit of instability for us we could possibly see showers and maybe an isolated storm but the best chances for the storms look like they'll come into the area by tuesday, wednesday and into the latest part of the week. for tomorrow, the highs into the low 80s, a chance of a shower in the early morning hours and possibl into the afternoon. more showers and a chance of a thunderstorm. tomorrow it, partly cloudy to most live cloudy skies. #4u6r for the overnight low and tomorrow your high will be into the low 80s.
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here's a look at the five-day forecast. you can see the unsettled weather pattern straight across. each day we have a chance of seeing some storms pop up. and as i said temperatures still remain below seasonal the humidity is coming back. >> thank you, gwen. you know it's hot when you can basic cookies in a car window. yesterday the mercury in reing, california soared to 108 degrees. two methodologyists at local tv station put cookie dough on the dashboard of one of their cars and after two hours the cookies were done. they baked, ready to be eaten. so now instead of saying it's a real scorcher we can say it's a real pills bury. >> okay. moving on. this guy captivated -- what were you thinking? >> now i know how ed mcmann feels. >> reporter: he captivated the golf world. >> could tom watson make
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history? dave feldman is up next in sports.
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good evening. dave ross here.
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in scotland we had the script of a lifetime. tom watson one month shy of his 60th birthday walking up the 18th fair way with a one-stroke lead. it would seem like just a formality. watson was surely on the way to the victim sixth british open crown. and would become the oldest champion in the history of golf. and then sadly that script was tossed to the cutting room floor. the man who rewrote the script, stuart sink. ended at 2 understand. tom watson here it is the putt to win the british open. oh, say it ain't so. tom didn't get it. taps in for a bogie and goes to a four-whole playoff with sink. this is an aggregate so the best score after the four holes is the winner. bogied the first home. trouble on the second but gets oust trouble with the ridiculous approach right
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there so we would have about a 12 footer to save his par. justin leonard looking on and liking it. how can you not like this? got it. watson in for his par still one back from sink. but this is trouble on the 17th. after a wayward tee shot and oh, no it goes from bad to worse, about 15 feet ahead sink on the same hole this is his approach on the par 5 and you got to be kidding me. that's going to get all the way to the green. he would hav an eagle putt for there, two putts for birdie and watson double bogies the same ball. on the 18th you can see the emotion coming out and the man who gave it everything he had, but it wasn't enough. stuart sink wins. beats watson by six strolls in the four hole playoff. he is a first time major champion. watson almost a win for the ages. >> well coming in this week i could have dreamt it yes the way i was playing.
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i felt i was playing well and i knew how to playhis golf course. and it was almost. the dream almost came true . >> reporter: almost. so close. jim rinna man has beenthe manager of the mets for only four games but i have a feeling he feels like manny ack a did after 47 games. ryan zimmerman, fukudome at third and goes on to first for a nifty double play but it wouldn't last. all of chicago from there because of defense like that. what was that? under the glove of alberto gonzales that air oupz the flood gates and wilson walks through them t alfonso soriano. two home runs on the day. this one an absolute bomb and the cubs just lay waste for the nats again, 11-3 the final they sweech the four-game
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series. jim riggleman, your thoughts. >> nobody is going to give you the ball game. you take the field and you know, theoretically you can win 162 ball games or lose 162 because nobody is in major league baseball is going to just say okay we'll let this one go. you just got to fight to win the ball game. a's told the ball club, losing is easy. it's hard to win. >> winning has been toughthe na. the o's did win 10-20. coming up on geico sports xtra i was invited to be a guest celebrity judge on the chefs. >> that's the fun part. >> eat the food. i was just hungry. so anything is going to taste good to me. >> did you bring anything back? >> we ate it all. >> all right. okay. one last weather word. >> keep your eyes to the skies we've got some storms in the forecast and each day of the
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week we've got a chance of seeing them pop up. temperatures well below seasonal. a little cooler but the humidity is coming back. be prepared. >> that's worse than the heat. >> thanks gwen. that does it for us at:0 60. we're back at 10:00 and "news edge" at 11:00. 6
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